Das Boot

Das Boot

Format: Series

Genre: Drama, War


It is Autumn 1942 in occupied France and the U-612 is bracing for its maiden voyage. Led by the young commander Hoffmann, 40 men are heading towards their first ever mission in an increasingly brutal war, all cramped within the metal vessel. Personalities clash and loyalties shatter as they are tried by the unspeakable horrors of war. Will they live to make it back ashore?

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Simone Strasser’s world is quickly spinning out of control. Deep into an impossible love affair that has her torn between the two sides, Simone must now navigate a world full of deception and betrayal, all under the watchful eye of the Gestapo’s Hagen Forster.

Inspired by Wolfgang Petersen’s Oscar and Golden Globe nominated masterpiece as well as Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s bestselling novel, “DAS BOOT” strikes at the heart of what it takes to endure the torment of a senseless war.

Air Date: November 23, 2018

Network: Hulu, Sky One, Sky Atlantic, SBS, TVNZ

Run Time: 8 X 1 hour

  • Lizzy Caplan
  • August Wittgenstein
  • Tom Wlaschiha
  • Vincent Kartheiser
  • Thierry Fremont
  • James D'Arcy
  • Rainer Bock
  • Robert Stadlober
  • Rick Okon
  • Vicky Krieps
  • Jonathan Zaccaï
  • Leonard Scheicher
  • Stefan Konarske



Das Boot - Season 1 Official Trailer


woman in military uniform looking to side

Vicky Krieps

man in black overcoat standing next to ocean, and holding papers

Tom Wlaschiha

woman wearing tan overcoat in office hallway

Vicky Krieps

two naval officers stand facing each other inside a submarine

Rick Ocon and August Wittgenstein

woman wearing beret and overcoat, standing in street

Lizzy Caplan

hands of a naval officer with stripes on cuffs; one hand holds a white officer's cap

Das Boot

three naval officers stand outdoors

August Wittgenstein, Rick Okon, and Franz Dinda