5ive Days to Midnight

5ive Days to Midnight
5ive Days to Midnight
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It’s all the evidence that’s left of a murder victim: the detailed police file, the bullet that killed him—and most important, the grisly photographs of the crime scene. There’s just one thing wrong with this picture. The victim is still alive…

For mild-mannered professor JT Newmeyer (Oscar and Golden Globe winner Timothy Hutton, Ordinary People), today is a time for celebration—it’s the birthday of his beautiful daughter and only child Jesse (Gage Golightly, A Carol Christmas). Today is also a reason for mourning as it’s the anniversary of his beloved wife’s death. And for JT, today is a cause for alarm as well. A mysterious package has arrived at his door containing evidence of his own murder. Although the police file—dating his death at five days from now—looks authentic, JT is relieved to find some of the items in the crime scene photographs unfamiliar, like the blue parka he’s wearing and the green Jeep—neither of which he owns. He concludes that the package is the sick prank of a brilliant but obsessed student.

Then, later that evening, the professor’s new girlfriend presents him with a gift: a navy blue parka. JT believes it’s just an uncanny coincidence, until the local body shop that’s repairing his car drops off a green Jeep as a loaner. The prophecy of his murder has become all too real. With only five days left of his life, JT launches a desperate attempt to solve the mystery. All he has to go on is a list of possible suspects, the photographs, the bullet covered in his own blood, and the questions that haunt his sleepless nights…who sent the package and why? With time running out, with fate stalking his every move, the answers—and his only salvation—are far from anything JT expects.

Combine the twists of The Twilight Zone with the turns of fate in such classic noirs as D.O.A., and you get a totally new experience in suspense written by Tony Peckham (Don’t Say a Word) and David Aaron Cohen (The Devil’s Own) and executive produced by David Kirschner (Frailty).

  • Timothy Hutton
  • Kari Matchett
  • Gage Golightly
  • Randy Quaid
  • Hamish Linklater
  • David McIlwraithe
  • Nicole de Boer
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