A Horse For Danny

A Horse For Danny
A Horse For Danny
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Jogie Bara is one eleven-year-old girl who is nobody’s fool. She lives at Belmont Park with her uncle Eddie, a horse trainer in the race circuit. Jogie knows the horses. Jogie knows the scams, and just how and when the races are fixed. Jogie knows the odds makers--they depend on her for the inside story. And Jogie knows that things are going to go nowhere for Uncle Eddie unless he can make his name with one great horse, a horse “you can ride into the money.”

Jogie has found such a horse. Tom Thumb, a yearling up for sale, has champion potential and she knows it. She isn’t fooled by Noel Ferguson, a big-time trainer who is talking Tom Thumb down and “arranging” for him to underperform in exhibition trials--Jogie knows her horses and she sees right through Ferguson’s trick.

And when Moe Tully arrives in town, Jogie knows it can only mean one thing--that races are going to be fixed. But there’s opportunity in that for her. Placing her bets before school and picking up her winnings after, she is soon able to bankroll Uncle Eddie, along with her friend Gerald, an old groom at a competing stable who is ready to stake his savings on Tom Thumb.

When Jogie’s hunch proves correct and Tom Thumb turns out to be winner, she, Uncle Eddie, and Gerald head off in style to Saratoga for the summer racing season. Other owners seek out the “Bara magic” and for awhile Uncle Eddie can do no wrong. He is congratulated by trainers who used to look down on him, but somehow it doesn’t ring true; and it’s no surprise when Noel Ferguson offers Eddie fifty thousand dollars for Tom Thumb and tells him he’ll take it if he knows what’s good for him.

When Eddie refuses, he and Jogie, Gerald and even Tom Thumb get a dose of all the dirty dealing the racing circuit can dish out. But Jogie, as we’ve seen, is nobody’s fool, and even Uncle Eddie has picked up a thing or two lately. In spite of just about everything that comes their way, they’re “in the money” and it’s one great season at Saratoga.

  • Leelee Sobieski
  • Robert Urich
  • Ron Brice
  • Gary Basaraba
  • Erik Jensen
  • Ed Bruce
  • Karen Carlson
A Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For DannyA Horse For Danny