A Silent Night

A Silent Night
A Silent Night
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A courageous and unyielding young mother risks charges of treason to turn bitter enemies into cherished friends on an extraordinary Christmas Eve during the final days of World War II.

For Fritz Vincken (Matthew Harbour, The Growing Pains Movie), it’s more than a memory. It’s his personal history of a night that changed his life—and today he returns to the stillness of the Ardennes forest to remember. It begins on Christmas Eve 1944, the closing days of World War II, when twelve-year-old Fritz is ushered off to shelter by his mother Elisabeth (Golden Globe nominee Linda Hamilton, The Terminator), who is determined not to let the war invade their refuge. Escaping to the family’s old hunting cabin, they’ll have a quiet place to celebrate this holy night. But out of the distant rumble of artillery emerges the shocking reality of war: three armed American soldiers, Ralph (Al Goulem, The Royal Scandal), Jimmy (Romano Orzari, Bonnano: A Godfather's Story), and Herbie (Michael Elkin), seeking sanctuary from the front lines themselves.

Empathetic yet fearful, Elisabeth allows them to tend to their wounds on one condition: they abandon their weapons in the snow and consider it neutral territory. Suspicion eventually turns to tentative acceptance and, finally, trust—until another group of visitors arrives. Three German soldiers, proud to be of Hitler’s army and determined not to back down, threaten Elisabeth with treason for harboring the enemy and are prepared to capture the Americans as prisoners.

Now, in the cramped quarters of the small Ardennes cabin, bitter enemies are forced to confront the war, face to face, person to person. Before this blessed Christmas Eve comes to a close as they reflect on everything they have in common, there is still one more surprise in store for all of them.

Based on the incredible true story, Silent Night is a tale of nobility and courage that inspires, restores faith, and offers a lesson in the true spirit and meaning of Christmas.

  • Linda Hamilton
  • Matthew Harbour
  • Romano Orzari
  • Michael Elkin
  • Martin Neufeld
  • Mark Antony Krupa
  • Cassian Bopp
  • James McGowan
A Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent NightA Silent Night