A Stranger's Heart

A Stranger's Heart
A Stranger's Heart
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A woman with her life on the line takes an unexpected journey of the heart when her uncanny connection to a little girl enlightens both of them to the wonderful mysteries of life.

Callie (Samantha Mathis, ’Salem’s Lot) is a New York writer who appreciates the simple things in life—Gene Kelly movies, close friends, her father Duds (Thomas Kopache, The West Wing) and an affectionate Aunt Cass (June Squibb, Ghost Whiperer), who dotes on her like the mother Callie lost when she was only four. She cherishes all this and more as her strength and independence is put to the test in a Boston hospital waiting for a heart transplant. Also on the list for a compatible lifesaver is Jasper (Peter Dobson, Forest Gump), a gentle hunk of a man who’s been waiting three months. Then comes the chance in a million—both Callie and Jasper receive news of donors.

Bound by this remarkable event, the lives of Callie and Jasper aren’t only saved, but changed in ways neither can yet imagine. One day at a local park, Callie is drawn almost maternally to Sarah, a little girl she sees ice-skating. This inexplicable affection becomes a profound obsession when Callie learns that Sarah has been orphaned following the tragic death of her parents. Callie isn’t the only one who senses an uncanny connection. Jasper feels it as well. Together they realize why their hearts are warmed by this little girl. Where their hearts lead them next is a miracle that changes the meaning of family, of love, and of faith.

Miracles can happen—and romance lives again in A Stranger’s Heart, a truly unique, unexpected and engaging love story.

  • Samantha Mathis
  • Peter Dobson
  • Thomas Kopache
  • June Squibb
  • Kevin Kilner
  • Raynor Scheine
A Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's HeartA Stranger's Heart