Aces 'n Eights

Aces 'n Eights

Aces 'n Eights
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They call it home, their future. It’s a bold frontier for a new settlement of landowners—proud, fiercely independent, and unwilling to abandon their dreams to satisfy the greed of others. But no dreams come easy. If fate were a poker game, then a hand of aces ‘n eights, known in folklore as “a dead man’s hand,” certainly foretells the high stakes of securing those dreams.

Another frontier man has been slaughtered in a carefully executed plan to make the attack look like the work of Indians. The perpetrator is actually a calculating killer, Tate (Jeff Kober, China Beach) and his sidekick Marsh. They have been employed by a wealthy railroad man as a survey team to ensure that with more than two thousand miles of tracks already laid cross-country, the railroad company is not about to let stubborn farmers or ranchers intent on keeping their land get in his way. A seasoned and more level-headed gunman, D.C. Cracker (Bruce Boxleitner, Babylon 5), is also hired, to hopefully ensure that the violent survey team moves peacefully through the quiet desert town of Nogales, the last section of land to be cleared for the railroad line.

The survey team may have forged rivers, blasted through mountains, committed murder, and survived sandstorms and blizzards, but they’ve never come across such formidable forces of nature like Thurmond Prescott (Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine, A Grandpa For Christmas) who’s had his land for thirty years and aims to keep it; or his ranch-hand Luke Rivers (Casper Van Dien, Starship Troopers) who in the past made his livelihood with a gun; or young Noah Taylor (Jake Thomas, Lizzie McGuire), making his transition into manhood; or beautiful, but tough, schoolteacher Jo Tanner (Deirdre Quinn, Heroes). A major player in a man’s world, Jo is a voice of reason and supportive of the struggle faced when Prescott and Rivers stand up to the survey team who will stop at nothing to keep the wheels of progress churning. As the two sides face-off, Rivers finds himself with a surprise ally and also must come to terms with his unresolved relationship with Jo. But what’s the price of victory in a frontier town where even compromises can get you killed?

A rousing adventure of the steadfast men and women who made the West and a battle of the iron rail versus the ranchers and farmers, Aces ‘N Eights is a sure-fire winning draw you can bet on

  • Ernest Borgnine
  • Casper Van Dien
  • Bruce Boxleitner
  • Jeff Kober
  • Jake Thomas
  • Kanin Howell
  • Jack Noseworthy
  • Deirdre Quinn
  • Rodney Scott
Aces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n EightsAces 'n Eights