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The earth is changing. The temperature is rising. The ice caps are melting. But the scariest reason why, is more alarming than anyone imagined.

Major O’Bannon (D.B. Sweeney, Jericho) and his specialized, covert team of soldiers have ventured to the far-off island of Palaloa in the South Pacific. Their mission is to investigate the report of a strange and deadly phenomenon that could have a devastating worldwide impact. It’s an unnatural discharge of radiation that has been steadily zapping the ozone layer, accelerating the irreversible effects of global warming. What they discover is that the phenomenon is not natural. Nor is it man made. It is instead the terrifying result of an unfathomable, carefully designed plan of sabotage from another world.

At first, O’Bannon and his squadron, including a gun-savvy, street-smart supermodel, don’t seem to be a match for the fearless, fast creatures. But, when one of them infects a team member, O'Bannon seizes on the opportunity to learn the bigger truth. The aliens have created a radiation machine to increase global warming, kill the human population, and mutate their food source: bugs. Now that the secret is out, the aliens have abandoned the slow cook, and turned up the gas to max. In only three hours, the planet will be radiated toast. For O’Bannon, there’s only one way left to stop them—nuke ‘em all. But one false move and it could obliterate the earth.

An alien action-adventure with a quirky environmental twist, Heatstroke delivers hotter-than-usual big-bang thrills.

  • D.B. Sweeney
  • Chris Cleveland
  • Kelly Rice
  • Danica McKellar
  • Allen Cole
  • Kimberly Nault
  • Jessica Warfield