La Femme Musketeer

La Femme Musketeer
La Femme Musketeer
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The year is 1660. Loyalties among the people of France are divided between church and state, Cardinal and King—each of whom employs a private army. The Cardinal (Golden Globe winner Gérard Depardieu, Cyrano de Bergerac) has his guards. The King (Freddie Sayers, Diana) boasts his Musketeers. But there is one Musketeer who stands apart from the rest. She has her mother’s stunning looks—and her father’s legendary sword.

She excels in the art of dance to appease her mother, but Valentine D’Artagnan (Susie Amy, Sirens) wields her true skills in other ways. Her father is Jaques D’Artagnan (Emmy nominee Michael York, Austin Powers), the most famous Musketeer in all of France, and he has taught his daughter well. With a gift of his extraordinary sword and a letter of introduction to Commander Pinot (Roy Dotrice, Amadeus) of the Musketeers, D’Artagnan sends Valentine to Paris to fulfill her dreams. However, there has never been a woman appointed to the rank of a swordsman, let alone a Musketeer to King Louis XIV. To prove her mettle, Valentine joins forces with the three able sons of the elder Musketeers who rode with her father.

No sooner does Valentine let her hair down than the new Musketeers are handpicked for a special task. Bandits have commandeered a coach and kidnapped the bride-to-be of King Louis XIV, but the Musketeers soon discover that there is more at stake than the safety of the princess. A purloined letter that could destroy the King’s reputation has become a tool in a blackmail plot concocted by the seductive and deadly Lady Bolton (Golden Globe winner Nastassja Kinski, Tess). The wicked Lady has another surprise as well—Valentine has been framed for murder and imprisoned. Once again, it’s all for one and one for all as a mission to save the princess becomes a matter of life and death for the four young Musketeers.

It’s a spectacular new twist to the classic adventure. Set against a colorful backdrop of rich historical detail and nefarious court intrigue, with an award-winning international cast, La Femme Musketeer gives swashbuckling a spectacular, seductive, and utterly thrilling makeover.

  • Gerard Depardieu
  • Marcus Jean Pirae
  • Michael York
  • Nastassja Kinski
  • Christopher Cazenove
  • John Rhys-Davies
  • Susie Amy
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