Mom At Sixteen

Mom At Sixteen
Mom At Sixteen
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Dreams are put on hold for a teenage girl who discovers the sacrifices she must make for herself, for her family…and for her child.

As if turning sixteen isn’t hard enough, Jacey Jeffries (Danielle Pannabaker, Empire Falls) has moved to a new town with her family, which means a new school for Jacey and her younger sister Macy (Clare Stone, Vinegar Hill). It’s Jacey’s recently divorced mother Terry (Oscar and Golden Globe winner Mercedes Ruehl,, The Fisher King) who wants a new beginning for herself, her daughters, and the son she’s had late in life, three-month-old Charley. While Terry faces the pressures of motherhood again, Jacey adapts to the pressures of school. An honor student and a promising athlete – Jacey, also a loner, finds her only confidante in guidance counselor Donna Cooper (Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Jane Krakowski, Ally McBeal) and her husband Bob (Colin Ferguson, Coupling)—a childless couple hoping against hope for a family of their own. Struggling to understand the reasons behind her favorite student’s inner turmoil, Donna soon makes a startling discovery...

Three-month-old Charlie is actually Jacey’s son. In an effort to shield her daughter from the inevitable hardships, Tracy had adopted the child as her own, sacrificed her marriage to a man who refused to live a lie, and vowed not to let Jacey relinquish an education and her future. No one would ever have to know. Growing tired of the lie and of her mother’s over-protectiveness and wanting to take responsibility for her own son, Jacey decides to finally inform Charlie’s clueless father of their unexpected miracle. She joins a support center for other teenage parents, and finally makes a brave decision to do what’s best for the one person who matters the most, and that’s Charlie.

A movie for every parent and every teen who’s had to face life’s toughest challenges. Mom at Sixteen does it with heart, soul, and courage—an important and timely film that believes in alternatives, in miracles, and even against the most adverse odds, in happy endings.

  • Danielle Panabaker
  • Mercedes Ruehl
  • Jane Krakowski
  • Colin Ferguson
  • Clare Stone
  • Tyler Hynes
  • Rejean J. Cournoyer
Mom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At SixteenMom At Sixteen